Takeaway from jury duty day 1: Lawyers are insane. (In a very different way from how engineers are insane.)

It's Molly's turn to put Cora (almost 5 now!) to bed so I kiss them goodnight before heading to the store.

Molly: "Can you get me some cider?"
Cora: "And IPA!"

..uh oh

Conclusion from tonight's agree-to-disagree: replace "assault rifles" with "illegal immigrants" to get a feel for what it's like on the other side

Cora wanted to “play instruments” this afternoon so she was banging on her little xylophone while Molly shook maracas, and then she commanded me to sing. I wailed some out of tune nonsense and she said “No! Sing better!” I tried to sing better. She said, "No! Even better! Sing I don't want to be a crumbling castle!" So proud..

I haven't really been keeping up with Twitter, and it's disorienting. What am I supposed to be outraged at today?

@neven oops, forgot to post this yesterday:

🥄 The slippery critter under the drawbridge loves his hot breakfast mush 🥄

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area and want to migrate off of mastodon.social please DM me for an invite to pdx.social.

boops appreicated

Achievement unlocked: Swan in the ocean in Oregon. It was wonderful, can't wait to go back in tomorrow. (Yes, I was in a wetsuit)

(Oh, and i should probably turn Mastodon->Twitter posting off at Moa..)

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I'm excited that Mastodon is having another surge. Deleting Amaroq off my phone because I hadn't used it in months was a sad thing. I plan to do my part and post trivial crap here just like it was Twitter 10 years ago


I got a Santa hat, a bit of leather cord, and today this bit of mall bling. This thing was so cheap to make they made a (<$0.76) profit or at worst not much of a loss. That's just insane.

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Internet version of the arcade crane game: Go to eBay, search for "el wire", sort by lowest price+buy it now. Buy a bunch of Random Gifts from China at 76 cents (listed at .99 CAD, for some reason?) a pop.

Fair warning: I've become fairly dependent on Trader Joe's hummus and blue corn chips, so they'll be disappearing from their supply chain any day now

When I got in the car Willie was on the radio then they cut to someone talking about how he'd had health problems last year and my stomach knotted up and I had to pull over.

..It was just a news bit about the new album. 😥

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