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capitalism is inherent to object oriented programming: in this essay i will discuss how i intend to abolish state both irl and in our software

logging on and seeing evidence of prior discourse is like a weak hook at the beginning of a bad novel. ok ok, I'm gonna read far enough to find out where this goes. but I'm not gonna like it.


i cannot reply!! thank fuck i can opt out of getting sponsored messages. god DAMn this is fucked.

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My minutes were as kernels in a mill
By mechanisms crushed into a paste
To feed a creature ravenous and ill
Sustained by all my energy and haste
But staving off its death is not my lot
Though never would I dare to disagree,
Yet seeds escape the gears with every thought
That hops the hopper, setting seconds free
Though boredom weighed me down, you bore aloft
These precious idle fractions of my day
To vanish somewhere fanciful and soft
Perhaps to blossom up from gentle clay


linkedin has fucking sponsored messages now? i got a fucking advertisement directly sent to my inbox. fucking kill me i stg.

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hey--an irl person i know has been fired from their job at whole foods for protesting the management giving free food from cops. Megan is now being subjected to transphobic attacks from the management in the media. if you have some money to give, megan is a really cool person who deserves it. venmo-- @djbengay here is an article about just a taste of the bullshit the store is putting them through-- again!! venmo is @djbengay

someone: do this, it helps
me: ye
someone else: when ppl do this it's horrible
me: o-of course.....right....

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if gender-as-understood-in-relations-between-cisgender-heterosexual-white-men-and-cishet-white-women is the only axis of power along which you're willing to acknowledge sexual violence, you're really not gonna like what I have to tell you about a whole lot of autistic and mentally ill cis men's histories of recurring sexual, physical, and domestic abuse at the hands of their neurotypical cis women partners

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the days that mark the change of the seasons should totally be holidays, it just makes sense
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So I've recently gone back to work (gig economy food delivery) as I'm completely broke. Unfortunately I never got a stimulus check and the deferred bills are coming due, without any reduction. Fortunately I pay rent to a friend, so that isn't immediately a crisis, but the phone bill at the end of the month is going to be ~$450 and if I can't pay I lose my ability to work.

Cashapp: $rwcarlisle
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle

Anything helps. Especially boosts.

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URGENT - a black homeless acquaintance needs $50 for food and medical bills. I can't afford to give that much. If people on the fedi could help out that would be great. If a bunch of people donated $1 they'd be all set.

Venmo @Tatiana-Toplitz18

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"Don't drink and code"

"The basic maze generating routine had been partially written by a stoner who had left. I contacted him to try and understand what the maze generating algorithm did. He told me it came upon him when he was drunk and whacked out of his brain, he coded it up in assembly overnight before he passed out, but now could not for the life of him remember how the algorithm worked."

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every port on the west coast of the US is shut down right now


in outlook, i intuitively recognize the small lag during send/receive that means I have a new email, and can differentiate it from other small send/receive lags that don't mean anything. i wish this weren't the case tbh

you know what's messed up is when you can't find something and all you remember is that you definitely put it in a place that "makes sense"

man has like 5 ppl posting anymore. there's me, star trek femme, homestead guy, tech guy, 2 newspapers and a blog. i remember it being pretty dead in 2018 too. we don't have a lotta ppl I guess.

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