Meanwhile, the Oregon AFL-CIO is using disabled people as a shield to limit use of self-checkout, throwing the invisibly disabled under the bus.

Oops, I wrote about MLS and the Timbers banning an antifascist symbol because it's been co-opted by antifascists.

Wait, what?

I don't spend a lot of time on this account, but FWIW I've been blogging at bit over at about the nonsensical (and dangerous) "cement milkshakes" lie at yesterday's rally.

Portlanders gather behind lines of origami cranes and replica relocation orders at Saturday’s rally in solidarity with protests at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

I wrote a bit about the best episode of CityLab’s Technopolis podcast—Hannah Beachler talking about the production design of ’s “Golden City”—and mused about Rukaiyah Adams and “Albina Vision” here in .


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