someone painted this picture of me playing guitar last night

@benaiah that's reqlly cool! It's got a great sense of movement to it

@it idk, i wish I’d caught their name! they were making paintings of all the performers and giving them to us. it’s painted on an album by a band called Bear Hunter - haven’t listened to the cd yet. it’s signed on the bottom right but i can’t make out the signature

@benaiah @it oh hon ben honey it means she as in the subject of the painting.

@canary @it lmaoooo! the one in the painting was actually a borrowed guitar cause i didn’t know there was an open mic till i got there. here’s a picture of my old friend - still haven’t given her a name tho

(idk why the picture was upside down the first time i posted this but if it happens again this time im just gonna leave it lol)

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