tech industry union busting; npm 

NLRB complaints indicate NPM fired employees for trying to unionize:

LB: ugh, how great would it be if a big-ish company like NPM unionized?

@benaiah I heard they were trying, I'm really interested to see if they succeed & what KS-corporate's reaction will be

Hmm, even "big-ish" seems to be wrong -- how about "high-profile" instead

re: tech industry union busting; npm 

@benaiah g r e a t 🙃

re: tech industry union busting; npm 

@benaiah But I think developers shouldn't be put off and should continue to try unionizing or forming coops. It's the only way that the industry will change for the better.

re: tech industry union busting; npm 

@bob absolutely - it is both our right as workers and our responsibility as a relatively privileged labor group with outsized bargaining power and influence to organize collectively and force the tech industry to come to terms with its rampant and callous exploitation of its employees, the public at large, and the environment.

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