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@benaiah you can get the bot to ignore use CW'd toots fairly easily -- there's a part of the code that specifically checks for a CW and throws out the post if it has one, you'd just need to disable that

@lynnesbian ooh i gotta polish up my knowledge of the sneaky snake language (i think that’s what it’s written in?); it’s been a minute since i had some py

i’ve been meaning to look at the ebooks bot already just to check out how it gets the toots into sqlite (sqlite?) so i can search my own toots

thanks for the pointer!

@benaiah the code is divided into four files: - handles logging in, downloads toots - functions and objects for making toots, reading the DB, etc - creates and posts a toot using's functions - start it up, leave it running, and it'll reply to any mentions it gets

@lynnesbian cool! i’ll probably check it out tomorrow. if I’m understanding correctly it’s just a headless mastodon client, so i should be able to just run it in tmux on my server without hosting anything extra publicly, right? if that’s the case it should be really to run just the one bot without changing much

thanks so much for the outline of the code! that’ll be really helpful

@benaiah yup! i use systemd and cron to manage it but you could also use a tmux tab
it doesn't actually *need* to log in to anything to read your toots - it just logs in to a given account (usually on, grabs the following list, and downloads the toots of every user on the list. you could hardcode your username in and disable the login functionality if you don't want that stuff.

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