i’m just curious why ladder climbing seems to behave with the opposite design philosophy of the games that it’s in. in ds1 and ds3, where running by enemies is easy, climbing ladders is relatively slow and dangerous. in ds2, where running by enemies is more difficult, climbing ladders is much quicker and safer. i find that kinda interesting.

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very minor dark souls 3 spoilers 

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in general, it seems to me like dark souls 2 made it harder to run by enemies without fighting them than the first game. you see this in a lot of different design decisions - the invincibility periods for backstabs, doors opening, and ripostes aren’t _nearly_ as generous; you have to level up agility to get the same iframes while rolling that you would get in the first game; enemy attacks track your movement much better; etc. the big exception is fast ladder climbing.

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why do you think dark souls 3 get rid of fast ladder climbing from dark souls 2 when they kept so many of the second game’s other changes (e.g., left stick click to jump, having to level up by talking to a character at a central location, being able to travel between bonfires from the beginning of the game)?

maybe it’s to make ladders more useful for loading in later areas of the level? or to make them a more consistent tool for pacing (since there’s only one ladder speed)? what do you think?

my 2019 Deconstruct Conference talk A Personal Computer for Children of All Cultures is live! i am pretty happy with it! deconstructconf.com/2019/ramse

today we're launching the campaign for the Keyboardio Atreus, the ultraportable ergonomic mechanical keyboard!


I've been selling these as DIY #mechanicalkeyboard kits for over 5 years, but now working together with @obra we're able to offer a fully-assembled version at a significantly lower price; check it out!

sometimes i giggle cause infogrames existed and was really spelled like that

the nose pads and both of the arms of my glasses have fallen off so until i get new glasses i have to wear them as a shitty pince-nez. my nose hurts.

excuse me netflix i am watching fullmetal alchemist brotherhood it is downright cheeky of you to assume that I want to skip the opening

should i play dark souls 2 or bloodborne next

dark souls 

dark souls; triumph 

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