I was going to try and wait until June but I'm honestly too impatient because it's really good and I'll just post it again so!!! This is Mint's outfit for E3!! @basicbishoujo did the #art and it's amazing!!

To that note: unionize the game industry! You can find more info on how to get involved in the efforts to make the industry better and more humane for game creators of all kinds here: gameworkersunite.org/

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bungie make a fun video game to go with your incredible art team challenge

i’d be fine with this temperature if my hands weren’t so damn chilly

and someone just walked their corgi by even heller yeah

org-mode has had a lot of influence on how i lay out notes

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i feel like my note taking has leveled up lately - it’s finally starting to have a nice visual layout which has always been hard for me to do in pen since i have to think ahead. I’ve been doing the last few pages with two columns and they actually look pretty good

i’ve been handwriting notes for a while now so it’s cool to notice that i’m actually getting better at it. though my hand posture still sucks and hurts after a bit, it’s just so hard to unlearn at this point

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i spilled my coffee with my bag and it got through the bag into some of my books :(

they’re still readable fortunately

Snakes are cool bc they got no legs but just mosey right along regardless

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