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thinking about some changes I wanted to try to the Atreus keyboard design so I went to dust off my old #racket code which generates the case. was running into some weird alignment issues and thought I'd give it a shot to port it over to #fennel.

I hooked it into an SVG generation library and fed it into my laser cutter, so here's the first physical object that has been fabricated from Fennel code.

how does compression work? why does a compressed JPEG look different, but a JPEG in a compressed zip file looks the same? (long, serious) Show more

somebody took our taco bell order before we made it to the counter lmao

Why the hell aren't there free public showers?
How are you supposed to say you care what happens to the homeless if you aren't providing this service? We're at a point where "not getting hired for hygiene" is just code for "we don't hire people who aren't financially stable enough already to have their own private hygiene facilities".

If you've had the patience to read through the thread I wrote a few months ago about Eleanor Rykener, you'll be familiar with the fact that trans people existed in Medieval Europe, and that they were spoken about in terms that were quite different from the ones we use today.

For this sequel, I would like to offer a complement to Eleanor's story, by following up that account of a real trans woman with the discussion of a fictional transmac person.

can’t believe orwell wrote that whole book and never used the word “doubleplusgay” wtf

don’t you know that you are a pocket sand,
and all the world will love you just as long, as long as your hand
is pocket sa-a-a-and

and i think it’s gonna be a long long time
till touchdown brings me round again to find
im full of pocket sand
pocket sa-a-a-and
pocket sand

i keep my guitar by my desk and sometimes it resonates when i cough which i find very amusing

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