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Web3 being "democratic" makes perfect sense if your can't tell the difference between a dollar and a person.

This is an example of why I dislike mastodon’s reduced search capabilities. I am *certain* I read someone on here talking about this within the past month or so.

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I need a better DNS secondary. Anyone got a free one they like? 2-3 low traffic domains.

I hadn't heard of Protactile before this. The article makes some fascinating points about the limits of conventional notions of inclusion and accessibility.

"Of course, the problem isn’t accuracy, per se, but whose accuracy."

As a postmaster, Gmail remains the most irritating domain to send to. Soooo many false spam hits, such little information provided, so many hoops to jump through.

Looking out our back window, there is snow on the treetops and the rooftops starting about 100 feet up the mountain from us.

20 hours of zoom over 60 real hours is a lot. I woke up with a headache. Democracy hangover.

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Done! Whew. That’s a lot of Zoom for a weekend.

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Someone just said "if we want to finish by midnight" and a bunch of people laughed as if that's not a very real possibility.

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I don't normally see any of the "trending" things here, but but apparently "christmastodon" is treading which I can't not read as a disapproving "christ, mastodon!".

That's the Democratic Party of Oregon, not the Dope People Online, although that's mostly true, too.
(Thanks, Derek!)

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Spending my weekend with ~250 of my closest friends at the DPO's virtual platform convention discussing our principles, policies, and action items. Y'know, like all the cool kids.

Is there an app (macOS) or web service where I can paste in two blocks of text and it'll highlight the differences?

A good tip to avoid accidentally being off-mute when your say snarky crap out loud on a conference call with a few hundred people is DON'T SAY IT OUT LOUD.

“Dremel: Stop asking whether this part will fit, and start telling it.”

“Dremel: Make mistakes faster.”

“Dremel: Your vision insurance is up to date, right?”

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Killing time in Goodwill, I picked up a desk calculator from a pile. Dude standing next to me goes "what's that for?". 😳💀

Trying real hard to put this aside for now so I can get back to actually productive work. I need to build a pi case with a suitable button next anyway.

Hey @ed1conf — when’s the next call for papers? ;-)

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Okay, v1.0 of the “ed(1)term software” (hah!) is now complete: my pi boots straight to ed(1) if the button is down at boot time, then continues with normal boot when you quit ed.

Next step is making the rest of startup, up until just before you try and run rio (or whatever) run in the background while ed is running.

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