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The most remarkable thing about the process wasn’t anything I did, though. I wrote this on (because why would I do it anywhere else?).

The process for turning something which responds to telnet connections to something which serves it over dial-up data connections:

mv tcp23 telcodata

That’s it; job done.

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Last night I wrote (most of) a toy program to serve up text zines via telnet or dialup, inspired by which is used to serve A New Session (

The toy version is a simple shell script. It doesn’t yet do index generation, metadata, or early return, all of which I think will be easy to add, and I’ll do that in my next screw around time.

Anyway, check out Rock Aak’w. Wide variety of Alaskan and other indigenous artists, streaming tonight and tomorrow night with video watchable after-the-fact for a week.

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Watching a music festival on my phone; it's my first time watching good music with Spatial Audio in a quiet area. It's spooky, almost too good. My brain is having a hard time believing the sound's not coming from the phone.

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses, by Jan Brett
This book badly needs a sequel where Fritz works to dismantle the system of privilege he has now been granted access to. Otherwise what's the point?

Do I know anyone who's done anything with i²s (the sound thing, not i²c)?

I got to go trick-or-treating with my 2yo for the first time. It was amazing. Highly recommended, 10/10, would do again. Also, now we have candy!

Me: "Did you hear Facebook is changing their name?"
Emma: "To what?"
Me: "'Meta'."
Emma: "Get the F...."
Me: "Yeah, that's generally been the internet's reaction."

I really need to get the weird hacky audio on the pi zero working at some point.

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Dug out my old usb audio device and now my Plan 9 raspberry pi can play music. 💯

My daughter got "hey Siri, play music" to work on her own for the first time this morning. I'm pleased that the first thing it played was Melissa Ferrick, but I feel like this could be trouble.

Do you think the JLA runs a listserv with, like, someone from the Trenchcoat Brigade or Shadowpact on it? Like, they all deal with different threats, but wouldn’t they want to keep each other informed? I wonder what that list’s like.

Email from NextDoor:
"Political Correctness aside for just one moment..."
No thank you. Goes straight in the bin, with its "I'm not a racist but" cousins.

Very nearly ended a work call to a lawyer with "have a bones day".

“Collective, intersectional, and leaderful.” 💯

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I am a few months behind on podcasts, and I'm sad I missed this until now. It's *very* good. What can the climate movement learn from the Movement for Black Lives? Lots.

I know I am in a minority here, but I am disappointed TouchBar is going away.

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