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The Measure of a Man is very good television.

Got a sourdough starter from my friend Allison tonight and did my first feeding. I am *very* excited about this.

Celeste is teaching me about Free Jazz. So far she seems frustrated with my tendency to normalize everything she showed me.

Celeste is teaching me about Free Jazz. So far she seems frustrated with my tendency to normalize everything she showed me.

Today's odd food find: apparently I like marmite?

Thanks for 188,744 excellent miles.

Also, I guess I officially live in Oregon now? Seems like I was a decade or two overdue for a Subaru.

Apparently I misheard this guy (who had a Texan-ish accent). Another call today for “Miguel Ramon”. I found one of those sketchy “public records search” sites that links my number to that name. But how to convince the vultures?

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I am almost certainly saying goodbye to my car since 2004 tomorrow, and I am irrationally sad about it. We've been through a whole lot of miles together.

My partner just got a call from a telemarketer. Immediately upon answering, Celeste farted on the phone. Which is 100% the appropriate response and maybe the funniest thing she's done.

Just blocked my first user on mastodon. Which is sort of sad in itself, but it was an abusive name-calling Bernie-or-bust nutter who thought Clinton should be in jail. And now I’m just depressed about the upcoming election. We have work to do, people.

That was really weird. For the past ~two weeks, I have gotten calls, most of which have sounded like scams, looking for "Miguel".

I just got a call where the guy who answers says "Am I speaking with Mr. Raymond?". When I said no, he says "okay Miguel", and hangs up.

I'm now officially running for Democratic PCP in Columbia County's Precinct 35.

Trivial, but: about three months into this new iPhone, the lack of 3D Touch makes it feel broken every day. Sad Apple gave up on this in the phones.

Makes me nervous about the Touch Bar, which I also love, and think is in jeopardy for the same main reason.

The International Workshop on Plan 9 will be happening in June at the University of Waterloo. First time in several years. I'm pumped. If you're into or related tech, consider coming.

Account “security” questions are extra fun when “what is the name of your favorite pet” becomes “what was the name of your favorite pet at some unspecified time in the past, at least 15 years ago but we won’t tell you when”.

My music theory lectures are really paying off, although she’s more into the avant-garde stuff than I am.

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