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I know I’m about 5 years late on this, but the Ms. Marvel relaunch from 2014 is *really* good.

We had our first freeze last night. Autumn sure got here in a hurry.

Me: "I wish to bring into my ordinary life the self-assurance and persistence of this goose."

@going_to_maine: "First, realize that the goose’s self-assurance and persistence came from you."

I took this thinking “this is the absolute best thing possible” and then two seconds later the dog farted on me. (It’s still pretty great, TBH.)

We need to track our new daughter's inputs and outputs, and we couldn't find a sensible way to do that, so I put together some iOS shortcuts to do the job. They're new for us, but are doing the job.

The little dog is probably still to big, and I can’t get him to pose for a picture without his ears pinned back.

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Work in progress. Missing one cat (maybe?) and one human.

When we go in for lactation appointments, the nurse keeps talking about Celeste “getting organized“, and I keep thinking about labor organizing every time somebody says it. So today I introduced her to Union Maid, baby’s first Woody Guthrie. She literally vomited at the mention of union busters. ✊🏼

Fred Meyer is engaging in unfair labor practices in their “negotiations” with the Union. They should pay their workers a living wage and close the gender pay gap (and not over the next 35 years!).

Stand with the Union.

The other quoted “source” is just an “intuitive”, so I guess it makes sense that the first one is primary?

Also “intuitive” is not a noun.

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I’m pretty open minded, but if you write an article where your primary source describes themselves as a “futurist and holistic intuitive”, I’m really going to want you to show your work. Citations, please.

Celeste was unimpressed with her first presidential debate. The candidates don’t stay on topic enough, and not enough time devoted to her favorite issues: paid family leave and mandated nap time for all workers.

Jorge Ramos is doing a better job of holding candidates feet to the fire - without being an ass - than any moderator this cycle, possibly in any debate I’ve seen.

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