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PSA, since it came up again: don't post pictures of your keys on the internet.

The wait is over. World, meet Celeste Octavia Luciana Sorace, born at sunrise on September 4th. She is happy and healthy and home. Mom and dad are also healthy, aside from having our hearts stolen. You may surrender yours now. Be prepared.

Out-of-office notice up on my work email for two weeks. They felt better that it probably should have.


Anyone on here remember makes me miss it. If anyone wanted to start up an emoji-only instance, I’d sign up and throw a little cash towards server fees.

Less spicy, but I’ve got more of the garden peppers to go through. Plantains, garden hot peppers, Cotija cheese quick fried in small corn tortillas.

Any meal that makes my scalp sweat is a win. Hot peppers from the garden light-fried with some hot faux-sausage and tomato sauce on a roll with a fermented chili paste spread. 🌶

You should not use Chrome as your browser. Google places your interests below those of its customers, its advertisers.

I recommend Safari on Apple platforms and Firefox everywhere else.

My 11 and 12 year old nephews literally just got into a competitive argument over who’s less competitive.

Greater than 50% of the things we picked up were cigarette butts. Obviously not by volume or mass, but ew.

Highway cleanup with the Columbia County Democrats. Family community service. And yes, your friggin’ cigarette butts do count as litter.

This is neat, but I think time spent working on remote terminals over 300bps modems has somewhat inoculated me to this. I’m only moderately irritated by 100ms, and I’m frequently still typing at ssh/drawterm sessions that feel like more than that.

23 retweets, 20 of which are from explicitly far-right accounts; 180 likes, too many to go through, but a sampling makes the ratio look about the same.

I ended up replying to my own tweet:

"Just a reminder that liking or retweeting this automatically means you endorse all my political stances, and are therefor Team Warren during the primary and voting for the Democrat in the general. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, it’s just science."

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