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Tonight our nephews wanted to share with us a movie they were very excited about, so that we could all watch it together, even though they’ve seen it several times.

Robin Hood (2018)

It was..... not good.

TIL that Steve Bannon was the guy hired to run the hostile takeover of Biosphere 2, and brought in private security forces to storm the place as part of that job.

My nephew got himself a banana this morning and, in the process, partly peeled every banana in the bunch. 😳

At the Columbia County fair, we ran a totally unscientific “drop a penny in a cup” poll. The results, from 368 votes:

Warren – 103
Harris – 66
Sanders – 52
Buttigieg – 46
Biden – 43
Castro – 12
Booker – 9
O’Rourke – 7
Klobuchar 5
Inslee – 4
Gabbard – 4
Other - 17

My nephews just talked me into buying them lunchables and I feel like I’m feeding them plastic.

At around ~186k miles from earth, they’re now accelerating again, having left Earth’s sphere of influence and entered the moon’s. Earth does not let go of her children easily.

I’m keeping the “real time” Apollo 11 replay up. It’s pretty amazing. They’re 143k+ miles from Earth, yet still decelerating mostly from that gravitational pull.

50 years ago right now, three men are traveling at about 7,000 km/h to land on that rock in the sky. Nobody had done anything like that before. Their guidance computer required them to use a sextant like old sailors, and had memory woven out of rope. People are amazing and can do amazing things when we decide we’re going to.

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

Hi friends! I'm matching donations to RAICES this month up to $32,000.

That's an ambitious limit and I could use your help reaching it -- whether or not you can donate, I would really appreciate your boosts!

To have me match your donation:

1. Donate any amount at
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Posting a screenshot is also encouraged, but forwarding receipts will help me track what I hope will be a lot of email!

Thank you!

You don't have to read the entire patent application, just search for "sorry":


(via @qbi)

“We’re only bones with stories on” is *such* a good line.

If you don’t already know it, I highly recommend Marian Call’s _Standing Stones_.

PSA: You should get all your music on Bandcamp if possible. High-quality, DRM-free downloads, where a purchase is actually a purchase, and in unless something is truly off (actual scam), your money is going to reach the artist more or less directly.

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