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Busses vs scooters:

Battery won’t run out
Predictable availability
Minimal risk from idiot drivers
Funds support public services
Not expected to carry a helmet
Rarely left blocking a sidewalk

The wind feels nice?

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I’m visiting a city which has those Lyft scooters. I was curious about trying them out, since I already have a Lyft account.

Then I remembered this city also has busses.

Okay, some of the questions have given away the fact that she’s doing the interviewing. She’s really good at it. This is how interviews generally should be run.

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The woman sitting to my left is on a phone call. I can only hear her side, but it sounds... sort of like a job interview, except I can’t tell which side is which. She’s saying lots about what she’s good at (in a very non-braggy, matter-of-fact way), while also asking the other end to tell her about their experiences lots and listening actively. It’s sort of great, like some idealized collaborative non-interview.

Second, also moving to a new home is Books With Pictures, an awesome inclusive, feminist-oriented comic book shop. They’ve got about 4 days left and haven’t quite hit their funding yet, but they’re very close! Go put them over the top and help everyone be able to find comics for them.

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While I’m telling Portland-area folks what to do, here’s a pair of Kickstarter projects with physical ties nearby.

First, True North Studios is a neat shared studio space, and they’re moving to a new home. They’ve just made their funding goal, but there’s still about 39 hours left to support them (and some of the rewards are great).


Apparently Fast Color is coming to Portland, opening today. I’m away this weekend, but am looking forward to it the day after we fly back. If you’re local, I highly recommend checking it out.

99% Invisible is easily my favorite podcast, and this episode gets me something extra. Really beautiful, and with a smack of one of the worst bits of 20th century American history in the middle. These folks are really good at their jobs.

My partner has decided I’m Fozzy Bear and I can’t come up with any way in which she’s wrong.

I am trying to decide if hacking that lever is within my bounds of tolerable risk. Forward and backward are separate, so it wouldn’t get *me*, but a run-away tiller still seems like it could do some damage.

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Typing is mildly painful today because I spent several hours over the weekend running a roto-tiller, those vibrations are rough, and on ours you have to hold the “go” lever the whole time.

We took our chicks outside today. When putting them back, they let me know they’ve figured out they’re birds.

I have identified dozens of forwarding loops in email servers over the years.

Today is my first time identifying a forwarding loop in the US Postal Service.

I have a soldering iron in the same state I live in again, so this will be my weeknight project this week. Maybe this’ll be good motivation to get work done during business hours again.

I discovered this (but with the addition of bitters, which makes it even better) from a local coffee shop about 2 years ago, and it’s been my favorite drink since.

I've been looking forward to Fast Color for weeks. Today's opening day, but I hadn't realized it's only getting a very limited release. I'm sad. If you're near one of these cities, you should absolutely go see this movie.

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