I am really enjoying listening to Patrick Stewart read through Shakespeare's sonnets, but wow did I not realize how many of them are about how pretty people owe it to the world to have kids.

Right now, smiling is physically painful. Which, sadly, is making hanging out with my daughter painful. Maybe she could be slightly less cute while I convalesce?

@Shufei @futzle The concerns over inadequate testing and data are real, but he edges towards discounting the data we *do* have. I discount pretty much everything out out by the Chinese government, but we’ve got lots of data from lots of places, none of it good.

@technomancy @cpsdqs OMG, syntax highlighting? You’re getting wronger. :-)

Because I’m dealing with a company in 1997, what is the best way to fax a PDF from a Mac these days?

Update: Bah. I’m going to have to get a tooth pulled at some point soon.

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I know on the scale of problems that people are currently dealing with this is not towards the top, but it is not an ideal time for my crown to pop off for the first time.

@fribbledom Every time web developers get excited about some new capability with obvious downsides — browser notifications, worker threads, &c — I’m like “have you *seen* what y’all have done with the stuff you’ve got?!?”.

@jalcine I have a Fully too and while I can’t say for sure, I don’t believe those cables are actually transporting ethernet.

Overheard bits of my partner's conference call, discussing accommodations they're having to make for their maternity/L & D care in response to COVID-19. It's not good. I'm really grateful our kid was born six months ago.

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