@Shufei I’ve never actually played on social media; closet I’ve come is watching a game played in Slack. My character mostly just live-tweets her adventures using some weird curses glass-and-metal lozenge she picked up from a wizard.

@Shufei If we’re talking about the same thing, I want this too. I have a twitter account for my D&D character; it’d be fun to have others to interact with here.

Based on the volume of vomit that comes out of my daughter, I’m fairly certain she’s a TARDIS: bigger on the inside.

I still really miss
the old Evening Edition site, and would happy pay for something like it or, even better, a "Morning Edition" work-alike. Something like the excellent impeachment.fyi but for general news. Something I could reasonably print on a single sheet of paper.

Anyone know of such a thing?

Morning reading. I think Celeste is enjoying her book more than I’m enjoying mine, but then she gets to chew on hers when she get frustrated by it.

Today would have been my mom's 79th birthday. She passed away last month. I finally managed to write anything about it.


No, Celeste, when I talk about "consuming knowledge" I do not mean literally eating the book.

As long as I keep singing Woodie Guthrie, she sleeps. I stop, she wakes up.

Good taste, but I need to learn more Woodie Guthrie.

"Risks of participating in this study include:

• As a result of participating in this study, you may become aware of information about your health."

That is a weird "risk".

“Feminism is plural; there are many feminisms and they may differ in their positive visions... ...what allows them to “hang together” as different but still feminist is the negative construction-- a refusal of an inheritance.”

That’s a really interesting idea.

I just learned about the Feminist Data Manifest-No. It's got a lot of interesting bits about re-conceptualizing data and its relation to the world, but perhaps the most interesting part was the explanation of refusal as a structure.


@tripofmice The real whitespace is the tabs we made along the way.

It’s been real windy here. When I left this morning, there was a Christmas tree blowing around in the street. I wondered how far it’d get; when I came back, it’d ended up on our lawn.

Given my propensity for absent-mindedly drinking whatever’s in front of me, I feel like it’s just a matter of time before this arrangement leads to disaster.

@jalcine Take 10 minutes to read its man page... every time you need to use it! It’s such an un-unixy invocation in so many ways, I can never make it stick.

The most reliable music to help Celeste fall asleep is Dar Williams radio on Apple Music. 💯

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