My toddler just figured out "hey Siri".

@signaleleven @deshipu Agreed. The main reason this isn’t what happened is legal, not technical. AT&T gave Linux a head start of three years and a gray cloud.


@makingarecord Ohio also put forward the least-awful GOP candidate for the 2016 presidential bid.

@Stoori Also: very appropriate that the answer was found by someone on :-)

@Stoori Ooo, that does seem to be it! Specifically “person deixis”. Thank you!

@owl @pixouls Yeah, if there is one. Like, what is it about the first/second/third person that does that? Gender and number don’t.

@fribbledom My crummy rural DSL sometimes decides reasonable ping times are 1-4 *seconds*. Typing on ssh is like going back in time.

*Bandwidth* remains okayish during those times, so I can have the surreal experience of typing like it’s 1997 while also streaming Netflix.

Is there a linguistics term for words like "mine" and "yours" which invert their meaning depending on whether you are hearing or speaking them?

@lig @edsu This doesn’t say what *else* I’m allowed to have. I went with tablet under the assumption I can still have a vps to connect to, so I can ssh/VNC into that for most of my development, but that a desktop is too close in spirit to a laptop. If the first assumption is false, if’s want a laptop instead; if the second is false, I’d want a smartphone instead.

@fribbledom So much for my “covert” thought experiment.

@tripofmice I found out someone had been sending mail to a gmail account I hadn’t checked in ~5 years. That was a fun expedition.

@pixouls There is. Logged in and the most recent posts from anyone I’ve ever followed is 3 months old, and half the comments on the top three are spam.

@pixouls After this exchange, I figured I’d do my semi-annual check-in, and apparently I deleted the app after last time. I guess there’s a web login?

@phooky @pixouls Okay, that is a gimmick, but it’s a really cool gimmick.

@fribbledom Thought experiment: if you were trying to ruin the network in a covert way, how would it look different from what is actually happening?

@julienxx @pixouls This seems neat, although personally I’d be more interested in generating gemtext from troff.

@pixouls I have an account. I check it a few times a year when I’m cleaning up my phone and remember it exists. Totally different feel than when it started, and much less interesting.

@aaronpk that’s what I figured. It’s interesting, there isn’t really a “correct“ answer there, you just get to choose which way you want to be wrong. :-)

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