@rdg Ooo, that description sounds like exactly what I want, thanks! Giving it a test.

@ljwrites @TQ Also BIPOC women. You support women — all of them, without qualifier — or you’re just tweaking the oppression parameters at the edges.

@hjertnes Several reasons, mostly varieties of testing and dealing with crappy connections.

@rdg I know, but that’s not what I want; too much stuff won’t work. I’m explicitly looking for a separate environment. If, say, the Firefox app had the same setting that’d be fine, but it doesn’t.

@pixouls Ha! I pulled that up on my phone immediately before posting this; it is what reminded me of what I wanted. I don’t want it that extreme; normal graphics/css/&c, just no JavaScript.

I want a browser for iOS that's basically Mobile Safari but without JavaScript (or at least an easy toggle). Does such a thing exist?

@bigzaphod I was really enjoying the show initially. That was my first “uh oh” moment.

@pixouls A friend recently asked on another social network “what are your open tabs right now?”. I replied “You’re joking, right?” with this screenshot. And that’s just my phone.

@ru I haven’t checked in a while, but this used to be explicitly against the rules for Visa and MasterCard at least, and those rules are public. I’ve had one or two conversations with vendors where pointing out that they could be stripped of their ability to accept those cards helped eliminate those fees, although it sounds like that might be less effective there.

(Minimum charges used to be against the rules, too, but they caved on that one and they’re permissible now.)

@vidak @pixouls If they have not looked at this page, start with the “overclocking“ section there. There are a lot of options, and it’s not always clear how they interact (at least not to me), but that’s the starting point.


tabletop gaming aid opinions 

@d6 @eli_oat I am intrigued. How do you direct it for what sort of thing you need, if you’re avoiding a screen?

@bigzaphod I haven’t really worked with groups for ~5 years now, though, so I’ve probably missed two generations. I try to make my teen nephews keep me up to date.

@bigzaphod I have spent a lot of time working with kids, for 15 years or so, which in Internet time is several generations. Facebook had definitely become where the parents were by 2010 or so. Twitter never really caught on with the kids I worked with. Instagram and Snapchat have had surprising staying power (Snapchat is especially surprising to me; I find it infuriating to use).

@douglasfur @pixouls I would love to be able to tell DuckDuckGo “always exclude this list of sites by default” (along with an “I’m Feeling Desperate” button). There’s a recipe aggregator that does a lot of Pinterest-like crap that I’m continually frustrated by, too.

@douglasfur @pixouls Lord, yes please. It used to be so great to have everyone’s collections show up, but they continue making their service feel more and more like an inescapable tar pit.

@scout @pixouls I can’t find it now, but I saw some woman talking about how some people were surprised she didn’t change her name when she got married. Her response was basically:

“My last name is literally ‘Best’.”

It’s hard to argue that someone should no longer be Best. It’d be tempting to do something along those lines.

@Otherbuttons @Gargron I was thinking of President Roslin’s whiteboard with the human count on it in Battlestar Galactica.

we're supporting a study on the role modders and rom hackers play in games preservation and archiving - if that description fits you and you'd be willing to participate in an interview, fill out the form here: forms.gle/ESVw2JzH6SXK95dcA

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