@emenel @pixouls My point is: yes, the current situation is bad, and there was a better time in the past, but there was also a crappier time before that. If we think of this as decay or a slide towards awful, it’s harder to see what forces gave rise to then good times in the past, and how to apply that today.

@emenel @pixouls I think we’re mostly on the same page in terms of the current state of things; we differ more on the history. If your point of origin is, say, 2004±3 years, the current situation looks hella bleak. If your point of origin is, say 1997±3, I think this mostly looks like more of the same.

@emenel @pixouls And while the specifics are different, even that isn’t all that new. In the 90s, it wasn’t clear the “linky“ web would outlive AOL and CompuServe.

(Aside: my phone really wants to autocorrect “linky” to “kinky”, which I guess isn’t entirely false.)

@emenel @pixouls I get what you’re saying, but while I have no data to back this up, I think this is mostly wrong.

I don’t think the “linky” web went anywhere. There are still plenty of sites that do things the old way, from individual blogs or sites to things that have been around through all the transitions like kottke. It’s just that now there is a much larger/more powerful/more monied thing running alongside it.

A 556 IC is functionally the same as two 555 ICs, but I've decided the 555 is better because search engines don't confuse it for ammunition as much.

Intellectually, the idea that things will hit with different emotional weight at different times in our lives is not novel. In practice, though, it's still a kick in the head.

If you had told me five years ago I would have to fight back tears in the Muppet Christmas Carol there is no way I would've believed you.

2 factor auth question 

@naugeleh Did you port your number between carriers, and if so, how soon afterwords was this?

@nytpu I really want a usb-to-parallel adapter so I can get mine working again.

Wirecutter is typically my first stop when buying anything household, and I've recommended it to dozens of other folks. Their union is striking to get a fair wage from their management. Skip the site for now.


(Also just skip Black Friday and any other Named Consumer Holidays, but that's another story.)

@nytpu Well, there are plenty of other troff macro packages that let you get many of the same benefits without having to do raw troff. Most aren’t as semantic as mandoc, though (I’m still writing old school man myself). I’ve written a fair amount of ms and a little mm.

@nytpu I just added a 'sleep 1'. Consider that the free tier. :-)

I do these dumb things because I'm continually amazed at how easy Plan 9's listen(1) makes them. I made an executable text file, /rc/bin/service/tcp177038, with the following:


# YAAS: yes(1) as a servce. This is so dumb.
# tilde.zone/@nytpu/107323808924

while () {echo 'y' ; sleep 1}

@nytpu This is dumb and I will take it down when I next remember it, but: 'telnet 9srv.net 17039'

@nytpu In what context are you trying to detect? And how obscure of an extension is it?

I’m always irritated with autoconf (among other reasons) for checking for things which have been true of basically every system for the past 30 years.

@garbados @pixouls Yeah. In addition to not being helpful for outsiders like me (which is absolutely not their obligation), it seems like if an issue is serious enough to warrant mass resignation, it ought to also be serious enough to warrant some more info.

@garbados @pixouls This is an odd announcement. I’m not involved with Rust at all, but am involved with moderation and CoC enforcement in another group. It’d be educational to know what happened. As is, while I support the implied aim of universal enforcement and accountability, this just reads like “there’s drama, we’re out, figure it out.”

What actually happened?

@mntmn Not personally, although I imagine it’s have broad appeal.

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