I got my ballot yesterday. The “big” thing for me is my run for Oregon’s House District 31, but I’ve got to say: seeing my name and my partner’s in the same race, and getting to vote for both at once, feels pretty friggin’ sweet.

(Also: anthonyfororegon.com/ if you’d like to help out!)

Still only the one today, but it’s exploring new territory! It showed up in our front yard this morning, then wandered behind our garage and into our backyard before returning to the field most of the action has occurred in.

I am unreasonably excited about this.

🐄 — 11
👨🏻‍🌾 — 5

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For Twosday, my two-year-old woke up at 2:22 (but thankfully went back to sleep in about 22 minutes), and made two tutus (from an excellent kit from our local library which she divided in half).

The humans called in professional reinforcements again yesterday — men walking the field, a truck with fencing supplies. I didn’t see the cows after mid-afternoon but, given the record, knew to withhold points.

28 cows today! A new record!


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Glad I didn’t give the humans any points for pushing the cows into the woods — the displacement lasted under an hour.

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Presumably inspired by the elks’ tribute, the cows have returned! The Great Bovine Incursion of Winter 2022 continues! Seven cows observed.

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Well, three days now with no sign of the cows; sadly, I think the incursion has been repelled.

However! As if to honor their cousins efforts, the giant herd of elk that comes by periodically is visiting, larger than ever - I count at least 58.

Update: the cows are unvanquished. At least four have returned to the clearing on the hilltop.


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Weekend reading, courtesy of our excellent library. It’s been on my “someday” list for years and now seems like a good time.

I try not to feed the trolls, but they just walked into this one *so* hard…

Inside a desk calculator designed in 1978. Never seen the resistor color coding on this shape before. These look more like capacitors.

Anyone seen this with Guided Access on an iPad? As far as I can tell, this makes it impossible to enter my pin, and thus exit Guided Access. It didn’t used to do this. At this point, I’m just waiting for the battery to die.

Today is Emma’s birthday. Possibly her favorite cookies are these Italian rainbow cookies. Since we’re not getting to Sorrento’s in NJ any time soon, I gave these a shot. Sorrento’s doesn’t have anything to worry about, but they turned out really well.

I am a very good cook, but not much of a baker. These might be the most complicated things I’ve ever baked.

Made from this recipe from someone with lots of other great things, too: domenicacooks.com/blog/2018/12

This would be a great idea if I were trying to get my partner to leave me.

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