50 years ago right now, three men are traveling at about 7,000 km/h to land on that rock in the sky. Nobody had done anything like that before. Their guidance computer required them to use a sextant like old sailors, and had memory woven out of rope. People are amazing and can do amazing things when we decide we’re going to.


Always read the plaque. This is about 1/4 mile from the house I grew up in and I had no idea about this history until this past Christmas. I was sort of shocked to learn that my upscale suburban bedroom community had this bit of collectivist history.

Adopt-a-highway cleanup with the Columbia County Democrats. Not the biggest way we’re working to improve our community, but every bit helps.

PSA: cigarette butts are not typically biodegradable. That’s easily what I picked up most of by count, by a huge margin (plastic straws were way down on the list). Take that trash home with you.

Someone accidentally tagged me in their idiotic protest outside a Planned Parenthood. I think this was the obvious response.

Today was the one year anniversary of the hardest day. Emma and I got to spend it with good friends, we made and ate too much good food, hung out with Orion, and then somebody down by the river started setting off fireworks, which we decided were for us. It was certainly not the first birthday we’d hoped for, but it was a really nice day. We love you, Orion. Sleep well.

Again, I’d really rather my dog learn to sleep in, but these sunrises do take a little of the edge off.

Rocky does not understand that just because the sun is getting up a little bit earlier every day doesn’t mean he should, too, which is mostly terrible, but our sunrises are a pretty decent consolation prize.

“Even the guitars can’t pay rent”

Nashville is going through an extended growth spurt, but it’s not lifting everyone equally. At least south/east of the river, there are some really striking differences walking from one side of the Interstate ring to the other.

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