Work in progress. Missing one cat (maybe?) and one human.

The wait is over. World, meet Celeste Octavia Luciana Sorace, born at sunrise on September 4th. She is happy and healthy and home. Mom and dad are also healthy, aside from having our hearts stolen. You may surrender yours now. Be prepared.

Less spicy, but I’ve got more of the garden peppers to go through. Plantains, garden hot peppers, Cotija cheese quick fried in small corn tortillas.

Any meal that makes my scalp sweat is a win. Hot peppers from the garden light-fried with some hot faux-sausage and tomato sauce on a roll with a fermented chili paste spread. 🌶

Highway cleanup with the Columbia County Democrats. Family community service. And yes, your friggin’ cigarette butts do count as litter.

More fun at Newark, can someone explain this math to me, from that order tracking page?

My nephew got himself a banana this morning and, in the process, partly peeled every banana in the bunch. 😳

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