The numbers on our oven’s temperature dial got wiped off.

Me to Emma: “Good news: I found a photo I took of last time this happened, for reference.

Bad news: it’s me.”

October 2019

Too many stills this month, and not sure why the audio for the pumpkin ride is in the wrong day.

It’s much, much later, maybe 25 years, but I suppose this worked. Where are you now?

Memories in a box are wild.

I received a credit card offer which treats the *physical weight* of the card as a major selling point. Wow.

I took this thinking “this is the absolute best thing possible” and then two seconds later the dog farted on me. (It’s still pretty great, TBH.)

Work in progress. Missing one cat (maybe?) and one human.

The wait is over. World, meet Celeste Octavia Luciana Sorace, born at sunrise on September 4th. She is happy and healthy and home. Mom and dad are also healthy, aside from having our hearts stolen. You may surrender yours now. Be prepared.

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