Rocky does not understand that just because the sun is getting up a little bit earlier every day doesn’t mean he should, too, which is mostly terrible, but our sunrises are a pretty decent consolation prize.

“Even the guitars can’t pay rent”

Nashville is going through an extended growth spurt, but it’s not lifting everyone equally. At least south/east of the river, there are some really striking differences walking from one side of the Interstate ring to the other.

We took our chicks outside today. When putting them back, they let me know they’ve figured out they’re birds.

I have a soldering iron in the same state I live in again, so this will be my weeknight project this week. Maybe this’ll be good motivation to get work done during business hours again.

Feels mildly magical. Like, elk aren’t really sneak-up-on-you sorts of animals.

Spent the afternoon with a new toy, making a burn pile, clearing weeds, more tilling, and putting down weed blocker. Worked until I ran out of sunlight and weed block, and my back was sore. I smell like sweat, dirt, smoke, and just a tiny bit of gasoline.

This was a good day.

They’re super cute, though. You bring them home in what’s basically a Happy Meal box.

Apparently I was wrong (and, surprising nobody, Emma was right) about our lambs being done for the season. New one overnight!

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