After two years making bread by hand, I’ve started using our bread machine again. Three loaves in a row exhibit this problem: weird, steep concave top. Any idea what’s going on?

My theory is that the machine top is leaking heat.

Celeste and I just built her first Lego set: an airport firetruck. Also pictured is my fire set from when I was an adolescent. Lego has gotten a lot more involved in the last 30 years. I am particularly amused by the changes in facial hair on the dudes. I dislike the smirk on modern minifigs.

Friday nights, my partner is usually working, which means it’s experimental cooking night for Celeste and I. This egg was slightly overdone, but otherwise this workout very well. “She eats what we eat“ continues to have been a great decision.

@tootapp Something in the notification chain isn’t getting escaped properly. See the attached screenshot for the notification I got for this post:

Hey Berkeley, maybe the name for where it’s okay to hire workers from could’ve been better named than “the white zone”?

A screenshot since it’ll probably get all messed up over here.

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@tootapp Minor bug report: the “@“ is rendered as not part of the click target on this post, unlike all the others in the thread. True when viewing the whole thread and clicking on the specific post. Clicking on the click target works normally.

The situation on Freenode continues to deteriorate. The ops locked down to control the conversation, and now the guy behind the takeover posted what claims to be a quote blaming the mess on SJW’s trying to cancel people. 🙄

This is a picture of me walking around the house trying to figure out where I left my headphones.

Celeste, I’m pretty sure the problem with the lawnmower is electrical. Put down the monkey wrench; it’s time you’ve learned to use a multimeter.

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@tootapp Take a look at the poll numbers in the first screenshot. They’re fine when I click through.

@tootapp Got this error the other day in a notification. When I clicked it, it took me to a new follower. Looks like the actual content was working properly, just something about the notification display was botched. Everything since has been fine.

Me: “Sorry, baby, that kind of pencil only works on the iPad.”

Celeste: “Oh yeah? What do you know, smart guy?”

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