🔖 Ukraine asks ICANN to revoke Russian domains and shut down DNS root servers | Ars Technica arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20 The letter asked ICANN, which is based in California, to "revoke, permanently or temporarily, the domains '.ru', '.рф' and '.su'. This list is not exhaustive and may also include other domains issued in the Russian Federation."

@edsu This is not a good idea, and some of the internet governance organizations have said so. dltj.org/article/internet-sanc


@dltj @edsu I mostly agree, but the IT geek in me would like to see it used as a pretense for shutting down .su, which should’ve been shut down decades ago.

@a @edsu It would certainly be nice to clean up previous messes, but I'm so old on the net I remember when U.S. educational institutions got .edu registrations willy-nilly (.ohio-state.edu and .osu.edu; .muohio.edu and .miamioh.edu; .cwru.edu and .case.edu) and we're _still_ dealing with very old services tied to old domains. I wonder how much of that .su has stuff that just can't be turned off.

@edsu @a Yes...however, I thought the [Multistakeholder Imposition of Internet Sanctions](pch.net/resources/Papers/Multi) statement was stronger and more technical in nature. So this is just an FYI.

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