Does my site need HTTPS?

Find out if your site needs HTTPS.

(Hint: it does)


@ScottMortimer @sirjofri This site is mostly fine (I dislike the tone of these things; responding to people as though they’re dumb isn’t great), but disagree with "At least I can still serve my site over both HTTP and HTTPS." on both technical and philosophical grounds.

I’ll skip the philosophical, since this site wants to pretend it’s all objective. Technically: frequently unnecessary, makes debugging harder, makes sites less accessible; see Eric Meyer’s writeup:

@a @ScottMortimer @sirjofri Server-client architecture in general isn't great for local caching. Those with slow connections would probably benefit more from tech like NDN than from anything piled onto TCP/IP.
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@csepp @a @ScottMortimer well, in my plan 9 system I can have one central server that runs the webfs and does local caching. I can connect with many clients, mount that webfs and use that. Technically all browsers are the same client on the same machine. Of course privacy is a different story then, but the browser doesn't need to know about encryption at all

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