@pixouls I’m finally giving Obsidian a proper shot. I’m liking it so far. Did your find any of the plugins helpful? Any tips on that or customization? Dataview in particular looks interesting.

@a i have never figured out themeing customization really, but some that i use consistently are:

- daily note
- calendar (lets you generate daily note template for any day)
- zettlekasten
- type writer
- grandfather clock
- admonition (this is just styling)

i might want to get into templating more

honestly i think obsidian works pretty well out of the box ^_^ would be good to try to learn how to navigate with hot keys faster doe

@pixouls This is a great start, thanks. I have been finding it quite useful “stock” but am curious what else is out there. I think I’m probably not going to move my “daily” there, preferring to keep that on my paper notebooks, but the rest of these warrant some reading and experimentation.

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