A few months ago I saw (somewhere; I *think* on my feed here) a text-based command line wiki system. It was either known to work on Plan 9 or looked like I could make it do so easily. But now that I’m ready for it, I can’t find it.

Anyone know what the heck I’m talking about? Got a pointer?


I have a vague feeling that this came from some Mervilles or SDF person, but that might be my memory over-fitting.

Or maybe @pixouls? Seems up your alley. It wasn’t Obsidian. :-)

@a @pixouls

I feel like the 100rabbits source code by
@neauoire and @rek would fit that bill, but don't quote me on that


@neauoire @a @tychi @pixouls @rek I did something along those lines in 2020 with the plumber, ndb, discount (for markdown)/netsurf, but never published anything. They were a set of scripts, nothing fancy.

Otherwise, I don’t remember anything that looked like a wiki full wiki system. There’s wiki.a-b.xyz which is simple :)

@romain @neauoire @tychi @pixouls @rek What I'm remembering may well have been just a set of scripts; I'd say that'd likely be sufficient for what I'm after. The thing I'm remembering didn't use ndb (I'd remember that; neat idea!).

@neauoire @tychi Right, sorry, I meant "100r isn't it, Oscean is closer, but nether is what I'm remembering".

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