@pixouls Does the chain of responses to the finger in your profile ever come to an end?

@a it does! : ) at least, the last time i recall XD

@pixouls Oh, no kind of trouble, just not sure if I’m missing the joke. :-)

@a it's just the strange quirky and ominous content brought to you by your local digital cryptid :point_right: :point_right:

@pixouls Oh, this is interesting, I get a totally different response from a different host.

@pixouls Now I hope my question didn’t come across as rude, after seeing what’s actually there. Here’s what I was seeing before:

@a oh. oh no.

are the following ones generated my putting in my finger, or you checking others? because if its the former, well

i'll double check my post and see if there's any comments from the person about it

thanks for letting me know!

@pixouls I manually checked several in the chain. Not sure what my client and your server disagree about yet.

@a this is what it should show.

I'm not sure why it's bugging on ya, i just tried running it again from my end and it's working.

also, out of curiosity, are you trying to access it from your phone? cause neat if so

@pixouls Yup, got that from another host. My only guess so far is that your server requires the \W in the protocol which my client doesn’t supply. I am curious, and will test that theory later.

This is from my phone, but only via ssh.

@a interesting! keep me updated, i don't know a lot about SSH but I'd still like to hear. @jk mentioned the potentials of adding finger to #lagrange and I was kinda hoping that might be a way for me to access it through mobile. I got kinda confused while looking about how I might do it before. happynetbox is pretty low stakes, so I wasn't sure worried about it.

@pixouls @jk This whole thing reminded me I meant to add my finger address to my metadata here, which I've now done, so thanks for that.

Now, let's see if I can figure out what's up with my client. It's not the /W I thought...

@pixouls @jk Okay, got it! Your server is correct, bug on my end. I was ending request lines with LF instead of CRLF, as the standard specifies. I've never encountered a server which cared before, but it is correct. Fixed; thanks!

@a glad you got it working!! a little frustration and discovery today, as a treat XD

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