I couldn't remember what the N in FAANG stood for because my brain kept saying "Netscape", which is obviously wrong but now has me envisioning an alternate reality where it could've been right.

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@technomancy @a It should be Nestle. If a media company is "tech", why not an agricultural company?

@a It's the parallel universe where one of the a's in FAANG stands for AOL, the other a stands for Altavista/DEC, and the G stands for GEnie.

@a Except in that universe it is PAANG not FAANG, and the p stands for Prodigy.

@outsider Good lord, I’d forgotten about GEnie. I’m not sure there’s a stable universe where both Netscape and AOL are on this list.

@a I was on GEnie a lot, CompuServ some, and then Delphi. Never AOL or Prodigy. AOL was my source for free floppies, until they started mailing read-only coasters instead.

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