I like the idea of a "/now" page, but it's real tempting to just have it made from the output of 'finger'.

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@a why not just run a finger server then? I don't have a now and I don't intend to, imo finger should be enough.

@sirjofri I have one! I wrote a silly little implementation I like. You asking prompted me to stick it up somewhere:

@a if you're interested, I wrote my own server:
You can also fetch additional info from files by finger user+path+to+file@server

@sirjofri Well shoot. Just before publishing, I changed the remote syntax from host!user to user@host and introduced a bug. Fixing…

@sirjofri Should be fixed.

Totally randomly, I recently got access to a file server I thought lost since 2000. Did a bit of personal archeology and found *another* finger client I did in C in the last millennia.

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