I wrote a bit about the debate over "master" terminology in tech.

In brief: it's bad terminology even just on the technical merits in almost every case, terrible for git, the social concerns should matter, and that all makes the fervent defense sound super sketchy.

Kill your masters. And rename your default branch.

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@a this terminology changes are just a distraction to what really matters.

You don't have to forget that github is the most popular git web interface, and the owner of it is Microsoft, Bill Gates.

So this move is probably a distraction strat...

I understand you live in the U.S and you are completely influenced by American political issues, but please understand that the U.S is not the only thing in the world.

@nitox You are incorrect, and possibly misinformed. Github is not driving this change; in fact they are somewhat late to the party. The distraction is all the arguments against it. I agree this is a very small thing and not “what really matters” or whatever, but it is still a positive change.

And, again, this is not a US issue. The existing terminology is a poor choice on the technical merits.

@a Yeah, it's a poor choice, i agree, you can use a different terminology for sure, although this change will come slow...

I don't think of slavery when i hear/read the word "master" anyway... call me crazy

You right, this is not what really matters, in fact.

@nitox I never know what to do with claims of “well I don’t think of that“. I mean… Good for you? There are a lot more people than you who use this software.

@a I guess it could be a problem to certain people... then i guess they will have to open their mind and give focus to what really matters.

@a I can rename the default branch in my git repositories? I didn't know that yet. Thank you for sharing!

@sigrid @a I call it linux_users.png but really it's the entire industry

@khm @a yeah, just a small change of captions until the last one and it will fit right in any other tech group.

@a Historically, ideologues often tell people that letting political or moral agendas bias traditionally neutral values is in their best interests, but then the ideologues show no restraint and the neutral values are corrupted. Unsurprinsgly, many value a hefty helping of propriety, neutrality, ettiquette, and legalism.

I, and many others, reasonably think someone trying to make a change to technical documention because of remote political beliefs is acting in bad faith.

If the fervent defense sounds sketchy, you are paranoid. Nobody ever said, "Yes, the terminology is clear, but it doesn't belittle women or racial minorities enough." For example, people do not complain about minorities when a "white paper" evolves into a "manual" or "red paper". People do not complain about minorities in a discussion on whether to use a "white list" or "black list". Anyone imagining a horde of crypto-fascists is insane.

What's very clear is some people count words and if they count too many words they don't like, they aren't mature enough to understand anything else. Why should anyone cater to these people?

The sad thing is that the standard term isn't clear, but now any change has to be scrutinized because even the appearance of impropriety is enough to suggest corruption.

TL;DR If you want something changed and you aren't in a position to coerce or you think coercion is wrong, you ought to make the argument exclusively in terms the relevant community will value. Let them second guess your intentions at their own peril!
@a That's such a smart idea. If anyone ever gives me a nuanced idea and I don't like it, I'm just going to say "That... what?" I'll get to dismiss everything and make it seem like it's the other persons fault for not being clear enough. Can't beat stupidity.
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