Weird interaction between political tribalism and social media:

Yesterday on Twitter, Anthony Scaramucci defended Chris Cuomo's bizarre overreaction to being called "Fredo". I pointed out (in a slightly snarky way) that they're misunderstanding the meaning of that term.

Now, because Scaramucci is newly on the outs with our treasonous president, his dogpile is loving my tweet. It's amazing how it all comes down to "teams" for so many people.

23 retweets, 20 of which are from explicitly far-right accounts; 180 likes, too many to go through, but a sampling makes the ratio look about the same.

I ended up replying to my own tweet:

"Just a reminder that liking or retweeting this automatically means you endorse all my political stances, and are therefor Team Warren during the primary and voting for the Democrat in the general. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, it’s just science."

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