Did the European Parliament just outlaw the only Europe-made social network with #Article13?

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Am I supposed to remove OEmbed and OpenGraph previews to comply with #Article11, because news sites can't just not put the OpenGraph tags on their pages, the main purpose of which is to generate previews?

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@Gargron Can you tell me what part in particular has you concerned? I just re-read it, and it certainly seems bad, but I don’t see it as catastrophic. What am I missing?

@a There is no method by which Mastodon could filter uploads against copyright violations.

@Gargron By end users to a site, or via federation? The former seems solvable; the later gets rough.

@Gargron (“Solvable” in the “best effort” sense the law requires; it’s a dumb effort in any broader sense.)

@a I don't know if posts from the federation also need to be filtered when they come in, but either way you are supposed to have "automated" filters, and if you magically had those, there would be no difference between local/remote.

Block links to all traditional news sites. Don't show previews for them. Especially the germans and french. It seems quite possible that google will do the same.

Everybody else: don't give them money. Whom? Start here:



Find out who from your country voted pro 13. Convince everybody to never vote for them again. Go to EU elections.

@Gargron @a

@Gargron @a

«Article 13's provisions target commercial web hosts which "store and give the public access to a large amount of works or other subject-matter uploaded by its users which [they] organise and promote for profit-making purposes"».

I don't think this applies to the Fediverse, really. It's more like an abstract portrait of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

@antonlopez @Gargron @a That "profit-making purposes" is interesting, is that actually in the text of the article? I don't remember that from the original, but I'm sure there have been amendments since then.

@hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron @a

Yet another interesting bit: if you're under 10 M €/yr you don't have to implement any filter:

@hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron @a

Definitely, this filter thing doesn't apply the Fediverse.

@antonlopez What you've linked is proposed amendment. There are no exceptions from #Article11 and the ones from #Article13 apply only for 3 years... More here (including the link to the full final text): juliareda.eu/2019/02/eu-copyri @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron @a

@a @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron

Well, MSoc is not 3 years old, same for every other instance, also Pleroma's, etc.

But there are more exceptions, starting from the "profit-making purposes" one, which competely removes the Fediverse's instances (that I know) from their "online content-sharing service provider" definition. You get from those exceptions the sense that this is targeted for a different size. The PDF is an interesting read.

@antonlopez @a @Gargron If it shakes out right, maybe it will be a good thing for the Fediverse

@antonlopez @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron The fact that MSoc isn’t 3 today is not reassuring. It will be, soon. And “profit-making” is ambiguous, particularly in light of supported instances (via patreon and such).

@antonlopez @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron You May be right about the *intent*, I can’t tell. But if so, it’s poorly executed. And in law, the specifics of the execution matter a lot.

@a @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron

This is not exactly a law, it's a directive, which means state members will have to pass laws according to it.

We'll see.

@antonlopez @a @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron

But wouldn't "less than three years" require to close an instance down before it becomes three years old?


@Leradvor @hyperlinkyourheart @Gargron @a

Quoting myself: >But there are more exceptions, starting from the "profit-making purposes" one, which competely removes the Fediverse's instances (that I know) from their "online content-sharing service provider" definition.

From that perspective, an instance should just prove that it doesn't promote and give access to a large amount of copyrigh-protected content for profit-making purposes.

Then again, these are just guidelines. So, who knows.

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