I picked up an Intel NUC 6 at work to experiment on. I'm really impressed with the build quality and performance given the price. If you're working with raspberry pis and considering an SSD addon for it to boost speed don't bother and get NUC. The SSD performance is 7x that of the rpi with SATA board I've tested and the cost comes out to about the same with a case.


@foozmeat I bet network performance beats the Pi handily, too. 6 vs 7 just because of cost?

@a I haven't tested it but I'm sure you're right. Yeah I picked the 6 for cost. I really just needed a taste of the platform. For our needs the 6 is more than enough at 15x the CPU performance of the pi.

@foozmeat I may pick one up. The Pi 3 (and probably even the 2) is plenty of CPU for what I need (and I like that it’s arm), but I’ve sometimes struggled with network and storage speed. Good to hear another endorsement of the NUC.

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