It’s very funny to me that over the past ~15 years, internet libertarianism has moved from “copyright is obsolete, information wants to be free” to recreating copyright from first principles, except the copyright registry sets the planet on fire.

I’m very excited about this: a new zine & journal delivered via telnet (and I think dial-up, although that’s not clear). Soliciting contributions, especially queer and trans voices.

(Found on another social network but thought folks here might appreciate it.)

Combining geeky projects: my finger server will now include the most recent post from my twtxt client without a subject.

I have been using Unix for 25+ years and I just learned about the status character in shells (often ^T). Huh.

When evaluating a new social network is there a pre-existing term for what percent of the traffic on that network is dudes talking *about* the network? Like, Mastodon is ~10%, SSB is ~65%?

Celeste's education in musicals is 100% my responsibility, so tonight was Rent. Education is important.

Does anyone have an example of CSS for simulating text-mode character burn-in on an old crt?

Today we learned Rush Limbaugh has died. He was a terrible human being. I wrote the brief story of how he helped me become a leftie.

I saw something (on here, I think?) about the evolution of color terms and their differentiation in language, but can't find it now. Anyone else see this, and have a pointer? Talked about how pretty much all cultures differentiate colors in a certain order.

Power’s back.

Given how rural we are, I always assume it’s going to be a disaster, but Columbia River PUD does good work.

My silly Plan 9 rc twtxt client now has a web page:

It's usable, but still needs work. Replies, especially.

This is your annual reminder that St Valentine was executed for performing marriages the State didn't approve of.

@tootapp Am I correct that there’s no way to view a domain, starting from a profile? Like, I don’t want to add it to my account list.

Follow on: no way to *block* a domain from within the app, correct?

I have a web site where *I* prefer the dark version of the aesthetic and would like it to be default, but would also like to accommodate if someone has a preference for light mode for accessibility reasons or whatnot. Is that impossible?

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With prefers-color-scheme: no-preference considered deprecated and non-standard, is there an alternative way of conveying that? Or are we just assuming light is the default preference forever?

I'm working on a dumb retro-ish, text-centric project. I wanted a random line about text so I figured I'd run 'fortune' until it gave me something useful. Its first result:

You can't build a bomb at 300 baud.

That's just about perfect.

We’ve been working on this for a while now - it was not the half hour project from last night! It’s going to be a good year for Glenda. 🐰

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Last night I spent about 30 minutes putting together the bare framework for a dumb project I want to do. I'm so excited to work on it, I keep checking the website to see if I've posted anything new.

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