My playdate arrived two days ago. I’ve had very little time to play with it, but my 2yo has discovered it and just wants to play the intro over and over. She likes that when we do what the robot wants “that makes it happy”.

Are you a Portland-based carpenter who likes making custom furniture? I work at a local furniture company and we regularly get requests for custom bookcases and other things (nightstands, hutches, tables, etc) and I’m always trying to expand the people we consign or contract with to include more queer people…hence the post on Fediverse. 💖 Say hi, happy to chat more/answer any questions!

The new Ms. Marvel is good. Clearly lighter and aimed at a younger audience, but whatever, it's fun and well done. I do think the comic origin story was better; I wonder if they would've kept it closer if the Inhumans show hadn't been *so* terrible.

Telling me how long you’ve been wrong for doesn’t make you less wrong.

I just learned about this page from some other social network, and it’s quite excellent.

“We Are Sorry to Inform You”

Friends who live in Portland: you should absolutely attend this meeting tonight and urge them not to bring the awful shotspotter to Portland.

Meeting info:

If you need an intro to just some of the ways shotspotter is awful:

I'll likely take this down soonish as I think it's pretty bad for usability, but as a fun hack, one of my weird side projects web pages now has monitor burn-in.

Ooo, also on news, this historical overview contains a program for reading Twitter via finger. I haven’t tested it out to see if it’s survived recent API changes (on twitter’s side; finger’s API is stable) and don’t want to read Twitter this way specifically, but it’s a neat concept and example.

Via @dragonflydigest.

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After yesterday’s 1000 Day birthday for my daughter, today we celebrated a very different birthday: my son’s 4th. The emotions are a lot more complicated, but it’s no less special.

We love you, Orion.

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Today is my amazing daughter’s metric birthday — 1000 days old! — so we celebrated with some ice cream. It was a hit, and totally worth it even if she didn’t go to sleep until 10. It’s been my favorite 1000 days for sure, and I’m looking forward to many, many more.

Now that I have a way to read them easily on mobile and don’t have to just happen to remember to check each one, I find I’ve misplaced the half-dozen or so people I’ve seen on here doing something with ‘finger’ still. I’ve got @pixouls - who all’s out there keeping their finger up to date-ish?

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"In fantasy, when a bad thing happens, people almost always try to fix it, even when it's really hard."

Verdict, from another network: it is pronounced like a J; so gif, not gif.

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In music theory, is the g in “Phrygian” pronounced like gif or gif?

I made a “close friends” list with ~20 folks on it so I could see everything from the very few people I was actually interested in updates from. This worked for a long time… and then didn’t. Note random crap gets inserted, and it’s just a slightly-less-bad version of the main feed.

At least they fixed the broken JavaScript that made text entry broken in mobile fire *years*. It’s just astounding.

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I’ve been having to use FB again recently and I’m continually amazed at how *bad* it is. I don’t mean the well-known complaints about the content, all of which are valid. I just mean the software; it’s just awful about the basics. I have ~500 friends, but every time I go it shows me the same several posts up front, for several days at a time. Like, what is your algorithm even doing?

I like how the central thesis of Frozen II is that you cannot move forward as a society until you deal honestly with the uncomfortable things in your history. We got to the end of the film and my partner said "I was not expecting a Disney film about reparations".

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