Update: after only ~2 hours, they decided this was not, in fact, adult content. Fortune cookies are safe again!

I would’ve put this behind a CW to be cheeky if I could tell what they were seeing.

I hadn’t logged on to tumblr since The Filtering because I use it infrequently anyway and knew I didn’t have anything “adult” up there.

Apparently they disagree. Can anyone spot the issue?

It’s a real pleasure and privilege to have so many Democratic presidential candidates who would make a terrific president.

This is an embarrassment of riches, not an invitation to draw knives.

Inspired by some similar lists I enjoy reading, I'm starting a "media diet" log for 2019.


We settled on “Orion” for our son after we knew things were going poorly. I think it’s a wonderful name anyway, but on nights like this I love that decision.

That is the reflection of every sunrise and sunset on earth, all at once. If the sky allows you to see the moon right now, go do so.

If you can see the moon right now, you can see every sunrise and sunset on earth at once.

I am amused that the Tide box brags that it “attacks even 7 day old stains”, as though 7 days is a particularly long time for laundry to sit.

I think someone paid for a bunch of bot followers on the wrong account again. About ~25 of these over the past two days or so. Not as bad as last time.

Clearly late to this one, but The Good Place is very good. Grabs me more than almost any television comedy has. Watched Season 1 in the last ~3 days.

One of my hopes for 2019 is to bury fewer things. I was hoping to make it through January. Nope. We now have 15 sheep. :-(

2019 farm deaths: 1.
We now have 15 sheep. :-(

Do people who believe in Intelligent Design just not have ankles?

TIL you can “unsend” an Instagram message.

Fewer gaps than 2017; still more than I’d like. I’m adding a new color for 2019; having those pinks around May/June be the same as the ones elsewhere felt... well, dumb and terrible. I was totally unprepared for the emotional spread in a single day, let alone a month or a year. 9 great months in here, though.

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