I think the new iOS 15 Safari extension capabilities should allow an extension which redirects Twitter, YouTube, etc. to alternatives like Nitter, Invidious, &c. Anyone know of anyone working on such a thing?

I just read an editorial from October, discussing the election, with a line I wish I'd read at the time:

"And so we have our first Marxist president: it just happens to be Chico, not Karl, that he takes after." —Trevor Quachri, in analog

Based on spam logs, I am (again) considering banning a bunch of TLDs at the server level. Has anyone ever gotten legitimate email from a .work, .casa, or .today domain, for example?

I don’t think Unicode should have ever gone with combining characters, but since they have, it’s criminal we haven’t gotten these yet.

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For dinner, Celeste and I had farfalle, kale, and quorn in a walnut ricotta pesto. "The kid eats what we eat" continues to go very well.

This dude started his testimony with (I forget the numbers) “I am a X year resident of Oregon, a Y year resident of CD1, and a lifelong Christian” so I knew it was going to be something. How on earth is that relevant to a redistricting discussion?

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I am on a call discussing various redistricting proposals. Some dude talking is asserting that over-representation by Multnomah county in regional politics might lead to... *genocide*. 😳

Yesterday I used a GSuite account to create three groups with various members, all including the GSuite account itself. 1/3 of the invitations *to the account which created the groups* went to the spam folder.

Unimpressed, Google.

I am upgrading my opinion of this hack. Today’s lunch for my kid’s birthday was about 1tbsp butter melted in a pan, 1tbsp (maybe a bit less) gochu jang added and mixed in, about a dozen smallish Roma tomatoes sliced into rounds, sautéed until soft, then toss in leftover farfalle from two nights ago, topped with grated Parmesan. Both she and I loved it.

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I just re-read Justice Rehnquist's dissent in Roe v. Wade (why, what are you doing at 4am?). It's interesting (in a depressing way) how much more extreme the anti-choice crowd has become:

"If the Texas statute were to prohibit an abortion even where the mother's life is in jeopardy, I have little doubt that such a statute would lack a rational relation to a valid state objective..."

Fast-forward a few decades, and that's exactly where Texas is at, and SCOTUS gave it a big "eh". :-(

I think a wealth tax is just an obviously good idea on the face of it, but there are some Constitutional questions I don’t know the answers to.

That said, scaling income tax by wealth seems to sidestep all of them. Anyone know a reason that wouldn’t be true?


i’ve always been surprised that Discord get as much love as it does from the dev community. The company has always been some degree of hostile towards this sort of activity. The state of things would be much better if this effort was put into something actually open like IRC, where no central entity is going to work against your efforts.


For the record, none of us have ever heard of this song or artist.

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Toddler: "Put music on!"
Partner: "Hey Siri... play... <to toddler> what would you like to listen to?"
Siri: "Now playing 'I would ask if you want to make out in the back of my car and listen to American football but you're dead' by Junior Varsity."

WTF?!? 😳

Discussing the fact that our county vaccination rates are around the middle of counties in the state, one of our commissioners just said “I’m proud to be in the middle of the pack”. 🤦🏻

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We added comparisons to slavery and the Holocaust, as well as one of the Federalist papers, quinine, the idea that the virus is “nothing”, and can be fought with diet and exercise…

I can’t decide whether I’m more angry or sad.

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At the county meeting discussing a resolution to oppose state mask mandates someone just brought up graphene and chemtrails, so that's going well.

About once a week, usually around 6 AM, I get a call from a number who's caller ID reads "Call the Market". Different area codes each time so far. I haven't been up for playing with spammers at 6am so haven't answered. Anyone know what this is?

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