Greater than 50% of the things we picked up were cigarette butts. Obviously not by volume or mass, but ew.

Highway cleanup with the Columbia County Democrats. Family community service. And yes, your friggin’ cigarette butts do count as litter.

This is neat, but I think time spent working on remote terminals over 300bps modems has somewhat inoculated me to this. I’m only moderately irritated by 100ms, and I’m frequently still typing at ssh/drawterm sessions that feel like more than that.

23 retweets, 20 of which are from explicitly far-right accounts; 180 likes, too many to go through, but a sampling makes the ratio look about the same.

I ended up replying to my own tweet:

"Just a reminder that liking or retweeting this automatically means you endorse all my political stances, and are therefor Team Warren during the primary and voting for the Democrat in the general. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, it’s just science."

Weird interaction between political tribalism and social media:

Yesterday on Twitter, Anthony Scaramucci defended Chris Cuomo's bizarre overreaction to being called "Fredo". I pointed out (in a slightly snarky way) that they're misunderstanding the meaning of that term.

Now, because Scaramucci is newly on the outs with our treasonous president, his dogpile is loving my tweet. It's amazing how it all comes down to "teams" for so many people.

The nearly-full moon made it not the best meteor-hunting night, but I did get one really nice long streak. Hobbes seemed less impressed.

Lord. Amazingly, that’s still only the second-worst movie I’ve seen this year.

So terrible. But watching the kids enjoy it is sort of worth it.


Uncle Drew didn’t know what Google was.

12yo: “How could he not know what Google is? It was around in the ‘60s.”

Oh lord. PAUSE.

OMG. This is so bad. Like, I expected it to be terrible. It’s so much worse.

12yo nephew: “I want to go watch ‘Uncle Drew’.”
11yo nephew: “What’s that?”
12yo: “It’s about that old guy who’s really good at basketball.”
11yo: “Michael Jordan?”

More fun at Newark, can someone explain this math to me, from that order tracking page?

The order tracking system at Newark (electronics co) requires an order confirmation number (which is missing in the email they sent me), my email, and shipping zip to look up my order status. But the zip only matches if I use a nine-digit zip *without* the dash.

Me: “Not all Americans understand what it really is to be American.”

12-year-old nephew: “Eating fast food and having an awful president.”

Still, it’s nice to have another road trip option.

Tried the Impossible Whopper. It tastes pretty much exactly like I remember a Whopper tasting. Which is impressive, but a few bites in I remembered I never really liked Whoppers.

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