Yesterday we took our daughter for her first big round of vaccines, because of course we did: they are safe, effective, and have saved millions of lives. They make both her and everyone around her safer.

Please vaccinate your kids.

It's going to be real hard to focus on work today.

My Apple Watch doesn't recognize me as standing while at my standing desk working, presumably because my forearms are horizontal. I have now noticed it has the same problem while I am carrying my daughter. I feel like that's a third my day.

The numbers on our oven’s temperature dial got wiped off.

Me to Emma: “Good news: I found a photo I took of last time this happened, for reference.

Bad news: it’s me.”

Apparently this is just a thing I post periodically. It is still true.

(Unless we stop doing DST, which is dumb, before then.)

One of my favorite holidays (ISS Continuous Occupancy Day) and one of my least (DST transition) are right next to each other this year. In 2025, they’ll be the same day.

So how did everyone celebrate ISS Continuous Occupancy Day?

October 2019

Too many stills this month, and not sure why the audio for the pumpkin ride is in the wrong day.

November 1st really is the best day to still have an Instagram account.

Me, talking to my infant daughter about the things I’m looking forward to as she gets a bit older: “...and we can do finger painting...”

*vomits in her mouth*
*puts hands in mouth*
*smears it everywhere*

Me: “...that’s not what I meant.”

When we had our daughter, our wonderful community of friends brought lots of food, fresh and frozen. It has ranged from good to great.

Unfortunately, not all of it has been labeled. I just released what I thought was frozen lasagna. I still don’t know what it is; it’s not lasagna but it is quite tasty.

All-purpose-except-bread-pastry-and-cake flour.

Does the existence of bread flour make all-purpose flour a lie?

It’s much, much later, maybe 25 years, but I suppose this worked. Where are you now?

Memories in a box are wild.

Airports are tons of fun for people watching. Like the smarmy looking guy on the phone: “ of Nobel prize winning friends...” 🙄

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