Some Starlink folks did an AMA. I made the mistake of reading it afterwords and while it wasn't surprising, it was depressing. Lots of folks acting like this is some philanthropic effort; almost nobody interested in the fact that he's destroying the night sky.

When reading the various animal sounds books with my daughter, I sometimes find it hard to differentiate sheep and goat sounds. So to avoid confusion, I have started teaching her that sheep say "Baaaa", and goats say "Wi-i-i-i-l-l-l-o-ow".

Celeste generally does very well in the car, but every once in a while gets cranky. If I'm the only adult in the car and can't soothe her, the most reliable method I've found is playing Stereotype A by Cibo Mato. Instant calm about 85% of the time.

The main problem I have cooking with chili crisp is that I then want to just stand there and eat it out of the jar.

I have felt more energetic today than in two months.

What is the under/over on how many "one day more" parodies we're going to get tomorrow?

A useful thing I've learned about online discussions: if the thought "you can't be that uninformed" occurs to me, I'm almost always right. They're not uninformed; they're making a choice.

Maybe useful for you, too.

Celeste has let me know that she thinks Automatic for the People is a better album than Document. Which, I mean, is just empirically true, but I'm glad to hear it from her.

Hey, Oregon!

When we elect Republicans for state legislature, they run away to Idaho when the job gets hard.

Let's not elect people who run away when the job gets hard.

(Er, “domain”, but you get the point.)

First time I’d done that, and I felt a bit uneasy about it. But it turns out to be a really sound application of “when someone tells you who they are, believe them”.

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Saw someone I follow say something interesting; open thread. Huh; why ami I only seeing one side of the conversation in this thread? Tap the mention of the other side. Oh, wow, their arguments are really, really dumb. Click another mention; yeah, theirs are worse. But why aren’t I seeing them?

Mastodon: “You blocked their entire instance.”

Good job, past me.

I need some new music. What are you listening to that's good?

Celeste and I got our flu shots this morning because vaccines are safe and effective, and science is real.

Please get your flu shots (this year especially; dunno if you've heard, but our medical system is pretty taxed right now) and vaccinate your children.

Upside of my server's file system going wonky: Inbox Zero (like it or not)!

On the way back, I saw a few masks — a pair of counter-protesters had shown up. One had a sign that said “show compassion towards hatred”, the other “Donald Trump is a White Supremacists”. I’m genuinely worried about them tonight.

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Just drove through my town; there are a *lot* of morons out with flags and signs for our awful President. I didn't see any masks, although I couldn't stop to look closely. Still, even given the news, and presumably why they're out there.

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