imo everyone should fill out a basic living will/advance directive template because if you don't and something happens to you it adds more stress for the people in your life! Here's some info about the advance directive in particular:

ok somehow it's my birthday AGAIN so I'm doing what I did last time this happened: if you're one of the first five people to send me a receipt for at least $300 donated to one of the orgs listed below I'll send you one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build

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Update: it went well, I did not embarrass myself too badly (except for losing track of one question half way through my answer), and I did not 🤮 from nerves. 💯

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If anyone's got nothing better to do, you can listen to me on KOHI AM1600 in Columbia County at 10:00, talking about county politics... and trying not to embarrass myself too badly.

Hey Berkeley, maybe the name for where it’s okay to hire workers from could’ve been better named than “the white zone”?

🚀 Alright fedi gang, do your magic. Looking for a junior #Django dev in the UTC+05:00 to UTC+08:00 timezone.

The company is a small biz, and isn't a total dumpster fire as far as treating you goes. I was quite pleasantly surprised, in fact. Fully remote.

Project is ~2 months in and a standard Django thingy.

You'll work with me. Feel free to check my site to get a sense of who I am. Happy to help you throughout your onboarding and beyond. Ask me questions on my XMPP/Telegram.


My kid just uncovered a bug in a program I wrote by grabbing my laptop and smacking the keyboard a bunch. Biological input fuzzing; a real-life chaos monkey.

One of Celeste's books has a line that says "charity makes the world fair" and I just can't read it straight. It always comes out "charity makes the world marginally better while we work for systemic reform to make the world fair".

Apparently Escape Room, a horror movie about being stuck in a room with unreasonable risk that seems like it should be avoidable by just not going in, is only playing in theaters, a room with unreasonable risk that seems like it should be avoidable by just not going in.

My daughter just said "mmm, seaweed" so parenting is going great.

@pixouls FYI I’m sitting here trying to catch up on my feed, and my 22-month-old is obsessed with tapping your profile photo.

First draft done. Needs cleanup, a man page, and some rethinking of a few glyphs, but it does what it’s supposed to.

Frustrating, the string library is String.h on Plan 9 and libString.h on p9p, but it otherwise builds and works in both places.

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A screenshot since it’ll probably get all messed up over here.

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Also I hope Masterson doesn’t collapse multiple spaces.

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Numbers (done) and lower case:

╭╮ ┐╭╮╶╮╷╷┌╴╭╮─┐╭╮╭╮
││ │╭╯ ┤╰┤╰╮├╮ │├┤╰┤
╰╯ ┴└╴╶╯ ╵╰╯╰╯ │╰╯ ╯

╷ ╷ ╷ ╷ ╷ ╷
╭╮├╮╭╴╭┤╭╮ ╷ │╱│ ┌╮╭╮╭╮ ├╴╷╷
╰┘╰╯╰╴╰╯╰╴ ╵ ╵╲╵ ╵╵╰╯├╯ ╰╴╰╯ ╳

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For some reason, I decided I needed something like sysvbanner that used the Unicode box drawing characters. I’m filling in the letters; anyone want to help? Upper case so far:

╭╮┌╮╭╮┌╮╭─╭─╭╮╷╷┬╶┬ ╷ ┌┬┐ ╭╮╭╮╭╮ ┬╭╮╷╷ ╷╷
├┤├┤│ ││├╴├╴│┬├┤│ │ │ │╵│ ││├╯││ │╰╮││ ╲╱╰┤
╵╵└╯╰╯└╯╰─╵ ╰╯╵╵┴╰╯ └╴╵ ╵ ╰╯╵ ╰╲ │╰╯╰╯ ╱╲ ╯

(You’ll want a good monospaced font for this.)

As of about an hour ago, I'm the chair of the Columbia County Democrats. 😳🎉😱

Y'all, it's hot. I just tried to check the mail but the metal mailbox is painful to touch.

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