Watching very old Doctor Who, and learning I enjoy the animated 2nd Doctor better than the live action one. Consolation prize for stupid old BBC policy?

Also, the Doctor hates voicemail as much as everyone else.

I have a medium-sized python+django database-driven app; I’m evaluating moving it to . Is gorm the most promising ORM to consider? Are there migration guides/examples?

Apparently it’s also “not enough RAM to build Firefox” old. 🙄

And @aparrish they had someone working a diabolo. :-)

Cirque du Soleil’s Cortéo is really excellent. My palms were sweating more than once.

This laptop is on the old side, but I didn’t think it was “spend 24 hours compiling llvm” old.

Some ad: “Never get hulu.”

Me: “Okay.”

Working from the dining room table this morning because it means I get to look at this. Good way to start a morning.

I’m realizing I don’t have any sense of how research in pure math happens. Like, even when I understand the results (which is, y’know, sometimes?) the actual process of getting there seems like pulling incantations out of air, in a way no other field of research does to me.

I just learned Sony has a Walkman for sale at $3,200.

I just read the phrase "money pays better than work" for the first time and it’s messing with me a little.

Working on my web server, tried modifying a configuration file, to no apparent effect. Turns out the config has been pointing to the wrong file for *years*, and I just got lucky they happened to be the same until now.

I’m a professional. 🙄

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