“One-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.”

That is one hell of a statistic.


Informal mask survey of Fred Meyer employees last night:

No mask: 7
Mask worn correctly: 5
Mask over mouth but not nose: 5
Mask hanging from one ear: 3

It’s... a lot. Celeste can’t go see the rest of her family, even her aunt who lives in the same town. I can’t go back to NJ to deal with my mom’s estate.

And our president lies about testing, and fabricates fraud, and promotes conspiracy theories, and gets more people killed.

Thank you to the @nytimes for giving these lives—some portion of them—a bit of the memorial they deserve. And for giving the rest of us some space to grieve.

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46; pharmacy manager with young daughters.

There are 1,000 lives in here. The front page is only a small portion; there’s three pages inside, too. And the Times could do this every day for three months and they wouldn’t catch up to where we are *today*. And people are still dying.

I’m sitting here holding my sleeping daughter, thinking about what it would be like to lose her or her mother—a physician with immune system issues—or to leave them without me.

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22; new father.

45; was helping to raise some of her dozen grandchildren.

98; loved to dance.

66; retiree determined to spoil her grandchildren.

71; veteran with a gift for peacemaking.

64; survived being shot in the line of duty in 1984.

59; Indian chef of fine dining.

49; Chicago firefighter.

82; security worker who died the same day as his wife.

91; always put her children first.

49; famous in family circles for his birria beef stew.

36; innovative high school principle.

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This is... intense. Please read at least a little of it. Skip around.

This is a tragedy. 1,000 lives cut short. Some a little, some a lot, most preventably.

"They were us."


Celeste: [throws face at Emma, seemingly trying to eat her laptop]
Emma: "This is not food, baby; you can't eat this."
Me: "But it's an Apple!"
Emma: "...get out of my room."

Just a reminder that Netflix's DVD by mail service still exists, and still has an absolutely absurdly large collection of movies. good quarantine material.

Well, these results won’t be official for a while yet, but it looks like I’ve likely won my first election. For an uncontested PCP seat, yeah, but okay.

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[Yesterday, after seeing pretty sunrise colors on the mountain.]
Me: "Well, 40 years ago today Mt. St. Helens blew up, so at least 2020 hasn't done that to us."
My partner: "OMG! Why would you say that? There are so many months left!"

I wonder if I could get some traction behind a "2nd Amendment Protection Ordinance" where we protect *the first half of the friggin’ sentence*.

Oh good¹, we've got another one of those stupid 2nd Amendment "preservation" ordinances coming up here in Columbia County in November again. 🙄

¹ Not good; dumb.

Oregon, ballots due by 8pm tomorrow. Too late to mail them; drop them off if you haven’t.

My first time on a ballot (it is, um, not a highly competitive race). It is an honor to be able to do this at the same time I get to vote for @elizabethwarren@instagram.com.

You have just cooked something very tasty. Doing so involved a sharp knife, which now has delicious bits on it. You lick the knife:

Why is Marian Call's Good Old Girl making me tear up this week? That's... new.

I am genuinely confused. At the grocery store today, probably ~25% of people had a mask on, but pulled down below their nose. Is this some form of passive aggressive protest, or are people genuinely that... clueless?

How long until we bring back the automat?

Many years ago, someone got me a subscription to a magazine dedicated to spicy food, called something like "heat" or "spice" or the like. I can't find any record of it. Anyone remember this thing?

Related (yes, I am subposting the same organization): if you send email with a MIME type of text/alternative with text/plain & text/html subparts, the text/plain subpart should not contain HTML.

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