Hands-on went well. He’s fuzzing the pins a bit, but he’s gotten the lock open several times and is super pumped about it.

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Demonstrated lock picking for my nephew; hands-on practice tomorrow. Good family bonding time.

(Took me longer than it should have for a four pin tumbler; I am way out of practice.)

Today was the best workday I've had in several months. 5 hours of actual work. Got a bunch of small things done, fixed a years-old bug with (small) financial implications, half of the next feature request. And it all just went smoothly.

That's all. It was very nice.

Celeste: [chomps my finger hard with both teeth]
Me: "Ow, that hurt! Holy cow, you left teeth marks! I'm so proud of you."
Emma: "Can we maybe not encourage that?"

My partner is attending a remote conference today. A series of presenters give theirs talk on some pretty technical topics, then answers questions at the end.

Every presenter starts the response to every question with some variation of "that's a really good question."

Just once I want to hear someone say "Well that's dumb. Who said that?".

Stopped in a place we've gotten pickup orders from a bunch. I've never seen this many people dining in here, even in the before times. This is... not good.

Over on Instagram, I just got followed by an account which claims to be some guy from Mexico City, but his only five photos are pictures of me from my Instagram account. His profile photo is also one of mine.

Nothing more reliably entertains my daughter then power cables.

When “SJW” started becoming a supposed pejorative, I joked I was more of a Social Justice Cleric. Still fighting trolls (and fascists), but more in a support/sustaining role. (Also I first heard the term when I was either working for or volunteering heavily with a church, which helped.)

I’ve since learned that under the expanded classes, I’m possibly more of a Social Justice Artificer.

Does the SJClass system allow multiclassing?

I’ve always written satellite internet off for my needs since adding ~500ms ping time just flutter the satellite travel didn’t seem like a great plan. But for months now, my CenturyLink line has often had 4,000ms ping and >10% packet loss. How bad could it be?

That is not rhetorical. Anyone used satellite (or ~800ms links generally) with, say, VPN/remote desktop (or 9p)? I know it won’t be great, but how usable?

I'm unclear why every teacher's union isn't threatening a strike in the fall if the government pushes to physically reopen schools wile the virus is still raging.

@HTHR I raise you "white pawn promoted to black knight". It may not be as cool but it's notable

Same nephew this morning: “I can’t wait for when I’m older and sexism has mostly died out.”

Oh, you sweet, innocent child...

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Etymology question: why does the R in TERF stand for "radical"? "Reactionary" seems more appropriate; there's nothing radical about exclusionary feminism. Is it sarcastic? Am I missing some history?

Talking to my 13-year-old nephew about tropes vs. women in video games (both the series and the idea).

Me: "One really common one is the damsel in distress."
Him: "I don't think I've ever seen a game with that in it."
Me: "You've played Mario Brothers."
Him: "Ye... oh yeah."

It was a good chat.

PSA: When you buy bananas through Fred Meyer's curbside pick up service, you aren't buying a bunch, or pound, or whatever. We just accidentally bought *a* banana.

GitHub added a semi-secret feature where you can stick a README.md on your profile page. I've done so:


We shouldn't use GitHub, and we should rename our default branches.

Celeste's breakfast was a yellow zucchini, spicy faux sausage, shallot, and ricotta omelette with a little cholula and some sourdough bread.

I'd say "baby eats what you eat" is working out pretty well for us.

NJ→OR: 2 days, 8 hours, 52 minutes. Not too shabby.

I am currently in a Nebraska interstate rest stop, reading a plaque glorifying our theft of land from the Cheyenne, while fireworks are going off above a town behind me. Happy birthday, America.

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