I heard a saying a couple months ago: “If you can sell 2, you can sell 2,000.”

My business managed to sell out our extra bath bombs within an hour of posting.

@vertigo He's also creepy as fuck. When I was a teenager at the SF 2600 meeting he tried to get me to go back to his place with him.

Wearing a mask and believing in the seriousness of the virus is not a political statement.

It's an IQ test.

Can anyone recommend decent running headphones?

I made the internet worse.. Sorry.


HOLY SHIT! @lightphone just released their podcast app for my wonderful lightphone! I have no reason to have another portable device!!!

Just had a lovely weekend at Opal Creek in the Oregon wilds. If you've never been there I highly recommend it. So relaxing

So is trending over on twitter. I feel good about today. Happy Juneteenth!

So whenever you turn off a light, you're forcing the power company to burn less fuel.

Not asking them nicely, not suggesting it might make economic sense, not threatening with toothless legislation, not signing a petition - you're forcing them, PHYSICALLY FORCING them, on threat of literally burning their windings.

You've got power. Stop letting people tell you you haven't.

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If you're also on twitter, consider tweeting today. CBS all access is donating $1 per tweet to

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