Ahhhh the reports from Cassini’s final mission (before intentionally vaporizing) are being released. Amazing! Charged ring material falls into Saturn’s atmosphere and other brand-new F A C T S

@Antichrista Oh wow! Thanks for the link. So glad I found this. This is the mission I’ve always felt the closest to emotionally. We began following it as a class project my junior year in chemistry (1997 the year it launched). I recall the journey to Saturn taking 7 years. One of my closest friends in the group passed away a few years ago. This feels like one bookend of a shared experience that spanned decades. Thank you! ✊

@SpaceForceCommander Oh, wow, that is amazing! But I’m so very sorry for you loss. And I wish they could’ve read about it with you.

@Antichrista Your kind words are much appreciated. Well, my other best friend is still around. I’ll have to send him the link and we both can reminisce for our long departed friend.

Just laughing at myself now about how I thought I knew everything back in those heady high school days. Definitely older now but I may have regressed on the wiser aspect of it.

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